Earning the loyalty of the Virgin Atlantic customer.

Worldwide CRM -  Whilst working at Naked Communications Virgin Atlantic was one of our largest accounts. Overseeing the FlyingClub communications and evolving the programme is diverse task. The airline loyalty program operates across physical, digital and media channels. The task was huge, how do we differentiate the programme to our competitors?

Repositioning the offering:

Airline loyalty hasn't changed much in many years, our first challenge was to create some real values and meaning that would inform not only our communication channels and programme benefits, but also the very behaviours and service delivered by those within the organisation. We recognised that there was a difference in what loyalty meant. 73% of consumers believe that loyalty programmes should be about brands being loyal to them, while 66% of marketers believe the reverse. Through events, video and internal communications, we delivered a new understanding of loyalty.

The  Member Promise Handbook

Anyone flying a million miles with a brand deserves something special.

We partnered with Master & Dynamic Headphones to give Virgin Atlantic's 'Million Milers' a soundtrack made from every mile they flew. They also received a pair of bespoke headphones and a letter thanking them from Richard Branson.

Innovating the Flying Club experience:

Alongside a refresh of the flying club brand, we began putting the promise into action within a long term vision across all assets. Here are a few of the initial pieces.

New editorial approach to communicating to membership via email and online portal.

Celebrating loyalty beyond gold.

Communications throughout travel hubs.

Communications throughout travel hubs.

Fidelity of the offering within lounges and other member benefits. 

Fidelity of the offering within lounges and other member benefits.